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US Bank Stadium

adopts the standardized labels!

US Bank Stadium has joined the society-wide standardized label solution and is now displaying the labels on all recycling bins throughout the stadium. During one Minnesota Vikings football game there were over 66,600 visitors who were all able to act on their good intentions and recycle right thanks to these labels. 

The standardized labels have been in place at the US Bank Stadium for a month and the stadium is already reporting double digit increases in their recycling levels along with a dramatic reduction of contamination levels and nothing other than the labels have changed.


The standardized labels will help sports fans from all over the world recycle right whenever they are visiting the US Bank Stadium. Now imagine how impactful the solution will be when surrounding airports, businesses, and schools adopt the solution, as well. 

Your stadium could look like this, too!

Why join the standardized label solution?

Problem: Confusion at the recycling bin equals garbage.

Standardized labels on recycling bins are the #1 solution for the environment today because they make it easier for people to begin to recycle right.  Recycling is the most important action society can do to simultaneously help the environment, the economy, manufacturing and to prevent waste from going into oceans -- but recycling doesn't work if society is confused at the bin.  The standardized labels are proven to help increase recycling levels 50-400% and significantly decrease the costly garbage thrown in recycling bins.  

It's that simple.

Solution: Society-wide
standardized labels for recycling bins.

Confusing labels on recycling bins is causing the recycling industry to collapse.  Read more.


Follow basic recycling tips ... and remember this about recycling, "When in doubt, throw it out!".

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