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Help your city ...

recycle right.

Have questions about how to get your city on board?

Email us and we'd be happy to assist you in any way possible. 

How do I get my city on board?


This forward thinking city in Orlando, Florida became the first in the U.S. to adopt the standardized label solution on their residential carts. After using the labels, the City of Winter Park noticed a 26% increase in their recycling levels! Adopting the standardized labels for your city is an easy plug and play procedure. Click here to read our toolkit for cities to see how your city can join the society-wide standardized label solution and utilize the ever-growing let's recycle right! national celebrity led PSA campaign.

Displaying society-wide standardized labels on recycling bins has proved to increase recycling levels 50 percent to 100 percent and dramatically decreases the amount of ‘garbage’ that has historically been thrown into recycling bins as a result of public confusion. The Recycle Across America society-wide standardized labels are being used at Orlando International Airport, Whole Foods Market stores in Orlando, and in the City of Winter Park!

Society-wide and national standardized labels on recycling bins and the celebrity "Let's recycle right!" PSA campaign throughout your city,
makes it easy for people to recycle more and recycle right and it helps your city have a more viable and successful recycling program!
Residential Standardized Labels

Residential Standardized Labels

Created for every city's specific needs

At Home Communication Tools

At Home Communication Tools

The communication tools showing the celebrity images to help your citizens know about the new standardized labels on their bins and to help them recycle right!

Public Spaces

Public Spaces

Standardized labels displayed on public area bins throughout cities and airports, which can include the celebrity "Let's recycle right!" PSA campaigns.

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