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And let's help schools save money.

If you'd like to order labels for your school, click here.  

If you'd like to request donated labels for K-12 schools or if you'd like to donate labels to K-12 schools - continue reading ... 

This is why we partner with companies/individuals to donate labels to K-12 schools:

  1. to help the next generation recycle right

  2. to help schools save money

  3. to help expedite environmental progress

Not a corporate donor, but want to help students recycle right? Click here to donate to our GoFundMe page to help us give free standardized labels into K-12 schools!
If you or your company would like to donate free standardized labels to
K-12 schools, click below:
If your school or
school district would like to request free standardized labels,
click below:

School Requests Temporarily Closed 

Due to an overwhelming number of requests for donated labels, we are temporarily closing the school program.


If you would like us to contact you when the program reopens, please leave us your contact information here:

We are working diligently to locate corporate sponsors to support the schools that have already completed the Standardized Donation Request Form.
Thank you for your patience!

Check out these amazing videos from students at recipient schools!

Check out these results!

Schools Results-01.jpg

Why do we give free standardized labels to K-12 schools? 

One of the best places to help facilitate systemic change in the world is in K-12 schools. Young people are passionate about the planet, and with the use of standardized labels on school bins and throughout society, we are making it easier for the next generation to become lifelong proper recyclers.


Thanks to amazing corporate donors such as Kiehl's, Bank of America, Whole Foods, Sony, and others, as well as individual donors, we have been able to donate hundreds of thousands of free standardized labels to public schools. Because of these labels, schools are reporting that they have doubled their recycling levels -- and in some cases, the school districts are each saving approximately $200,000 in landfill fees per year (net savings)!


A donation to a school/school district entails:

  1. 100 standardized labels per school

  2. a free downloadable copy of our school-specific recycling toolkit

  3. access to an online webinar to share with teachers, students, and administrators

  4. communication tools and Public Service Announcements to help communicate your recycling program


If you are a corporate hero that would like to provide standardized labels to a school or school district or if you are a school champion that would like to sign up your school/school district to receive free standardized labels, please fill out the appropriate forms below.



Thank you so much for joining the standardized label solution and helping the next generation recycle right! 

Here's How it Works


YOU and Corporate Heroes (such as these brands below)
Donate to Recycle Across America.


Recycle Across America and our Amazing Green School NGO Partners (below) Deliver the Free Standardized Labels to U.S. K-12 Schools!


Media and Celebrities Help Celebrate the Progress

'Good Morning San Diego' TV news station celebrates Kiehl's donation of standardized labels with students from San Diego K-12 Public Schools

The Weather Channel shows the 

standardized labels being used on bins at the largest private school in the U.S., Windward Academy in Atlanta, GA.

Sony donated standardized labels to

K-12 school in Hawaii in addition to displaying the labels during their PGA Open.

Celebrities help raise funds with Kiehl's to provide free standardized labels to K-12 schools throughout the U.S.

La Jolla public school students received standardized labels thanks to Kiehl's. The labels are implemented at all 180 schools in the San Diego Unified School District. 


Students and Schools Report Progress and Send Gratitude to Donors

Culver City Unified School District

Cully Nordby,  Recycling Coordinator CCUSD


Houston Independent School District 

Kim Urban, Manger of Accounting Construction and Facility Services for HISD

Our recycling levels have doubled in the schools where we are using the standardized labels. We’re now beginning to use the labels in all of our schools throughout our district.

The standardized labels will help our kids – as well as our employees – quickly understand what can be put in the recycling bins around the schools.

San Diego Unified School District

Janet Whited, Waste Management Director, SDUSD

Green Schools National Network

Jim McGrath, President


Recycle Across America provides free standardized labels to K-12 schools throughout the U.S. Since using the standardized labels on our recycling bins, our recycling amounts have gone up so dramatically and the materials captured are so clean, that we saved approximately $200,000 in landfill fees in the first year since using the labels!

The GSNN would like to thank Recycle Across America for developing national standardized labels for recycling bins for schools. Your program is an essential element that will advance the national green and healthy school movement. Recycle Across America will assist all of our future generations to develop lifestyle habits that will ensure a sustainable world.

Check out the photos from our School Donation Celebration events in Orlando, FL and Atlanta, GA!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to our

Director of Donations, Eileen Elliott, at  

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