It's far more important
than you think.

Actress Olivia Stuck

We've launched the largest recycling campaign in the U.S. to date! 

The Let's recycle right! TV commercials are playing in 40 of the top major cities in the U.S.  And the PSAs are featured on digital billboards from coast to coast thanks to Lamar Advertising Company!  Check out these PSAs and keep your eyes out for them on TV stations, in magazines, and on digital billboards!

Print PSA with Red Gerard, 2018 Olympic Gold Medalist

Video PSA with Actress and RAA Advocate,

Kristen Bell

Video PSA with Actress and RAA Advocate,

Angie Harmon


Say hello...


to the collective new face and voice of recycling. 


Thanks to so many talented people, the Let's recycle right! campaign is making recycling beautiful, strong, fun, sexy, meaningful - and spreading the message to recycle right.


But awareness is not enough if there isn't a solution to fix the problem.  

Therefore, the campaign also introduces the society-wide standardized label solution for bins to make it easier for people to recycle right, wherever they are.   And it's working!  Scroll down to see the beautiful faces of progress. 



Introducing the "Let's recycle right!(R)" celebrity campaign.

Photography by Timothy White

See billboards from the Let's Pose for Progress event!