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Imagine if everywhere you went, whether you were at home, at school, at your workplace, the airport or the baseball field, and you saw the exact same recycling label on recycling bins.  Imagine if you knew what could go in the recycling bin and what couldn't, throughout the entire state.  This is the what is so exciting about Rhode Island!


As the standardized labels make their way onto bins across the state, RIRRC hopes seeing them repeatedly will help to reinforce the most essential recycling rules, and therefore, good recycling habits. “We have a vision,” says Noiseux, “of a day where every child growing up in Rhode Island sees the same, basic, consistent recycling message on bins across Rhode Island—at  home, at school, at the park, at the mall, and eventually, at work.”   

Listen to what Katherine Hypolite and Brian Dubis of RIRRC have to say:

Katherine Hypolite - RIRRC Communications Director
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Brian Dubis - RIRRC Plant Manager
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At a time when it's most needed in the U.S., the state of Rhode Island is tackling the chronic issues that are causing recycling in the U.S. to collapse - and they're doing so with the most progressive solution and campaign in recycling history.  


During Earth Week 2017, some of the most influential VIPs and recognized faces in Rhode Island united at an event in Providence to celebrate Rhode Island's leadership as the first state to begin implementing the society-wide standardized labels on recycling bins, making it easy for people to begin recycling more and recycling right, wherever they might be.  These RI influencers also came to the event to participate in a photoshoot for the soon-to-launch statewide "Let's recycle RIght" PSA campaign to bring awareness to the new program. (The official PSA campaign will launch in June 2017).

At the event, world-renowned celebrity photographer Timothy White, once again contributed his creative genius to produce images of the RI VIPs in a witty way that brings recycling to life.  The images will be used in the PSA campaign to announce the implementation of the standardized labels on bins throughout Rhode Island and the importance of proper recycling.  Continuing the trailblazing theme for the evening, some of the VIP images from the photoshoot were also live-streamed onto Lamar digital billboards across the U.S. generating approximately 4.5 million billboard ad spots nationwide during Earth Week, thanks to a unique live-stream technology and an unprecedented billboard donation by Lamar Advertising!!    

The "Let's recycle RIght!" photoshoot united all types of RI influencers and VIPs

who are coming together to bring about true environmental and economic progress!

The live-streamed billboards from the event feature a vast array of VIPs and influencers such as: Rhode Island Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea, Rhode Island Lieutenant Governor Dan McKee, Timothy Babineau CEO of Lifespan (RI's largest employer) - as well as soccer champions, actors, American Idol sweethearts, car dealership owners, dancers, professors, musicians, motorcycle manufacturers, rappers, models, philanthropists, executive directors, and many others.

A quote from Rhode Island's Congressman Jim Langevin:

“The standardization of labels for bins is crucial to promote recycling by reducing confusion and simplifying the process.

Rhode Island is the first state in the nation to adopt the society-wide standardized labeling and I applaud Recycle Across America and Rhode Island Resource Recovery for partnering to implement labels that will help us conserve resources

by improving recycling across our state and country.”   

See how the state of Rhode Island communicated the standardized label initiative to their residents:

Society-wide and national standardized labels on recycling bins and the celebrity "Let's recycle right!" PSA campaign throughout your state
makes it easy for people to recycle more and recycle right and it helps your state have a more viable and successful recycling program!
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... begin displaying the society-wide standardized labels on their recycling bins, 

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