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Alanis Morissette, Singer/Songwriter and Advocate

Contact U.S. Leaders

Help bring standardized labels to your city and state.
Here is a template email to send to your local officials urging them to display the standardized labels on recycling bins to help society recycle right.


Inconsistent and confusing labels on bins throughout society

do not work and are causing a recycling

crisis in the U.S.


The society-wide standardized labels on bins are the #1 solution to fix the recycling crisis.

It's that simple.



Since implementing Recycle Across America's
society-wide standardized labels, recycling levels have increased dramatically at US Bank Stadium!  At the playoff game on Jan. 14, 2018, with more than 66,000 fans, the total amount of recyclables and compost collected was 83%!  That's 83% of valuable materials that were diverted away from landfills!   Those numbers are the highest ever since implementing the standardized labels on our bins."
- Bradley Vogel MS - Sustainability Coordinator, U.S. Bank Stadium
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