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We’re excited for 2017! - Why a thriving recycling industry is so crucial.

There is so much hope for a successful 2017 especially with how amazing this past year was. 2016 brought major success with the State of Rhode Island, Orlando International Airport, and the National Parks (in partnership with Subaru)...just to name a few. The potential for this new year to be the recycling industry’s most successful one is massive! We’re excited for 2017...and this is why.

Potential Savings Are MASSIVE

If you're in any business, you understand the triple bottom line - People, Planet, and Profit. With recent changes in administration, now more than ever is time to revamp and revitalize the recycling industry in the United States. As we prepare for the coming year, we must be reminded of the one industry that can provide sustainable economic growth for this great nation.

Without exception, recycling is the top action society can do to simultaneously improve: the environment, the economy, sustainable manufacturing, and to prevent waste from going into oceans.

While the environmental benefits may seem obvious to most, the economic benefits to a thriving recycling industry are crucial for every business, city, municipality, school district, airport, and prominent leader to understand. Each of these entities are spending massive amounts on their recycling programs each year - but are they earning a return on investment?

To fully help you understand the savings potential, when Bank of America donated standardized labels to schools in Orlando, Orange County Public School District saved over $369,000 in landfill tipping fees in just one year. And their recycling levels increased 90%. These are real savings that businesses, schools, and municipalities could be missing out on in their current programs.

A Thriving, Self-Sustaining Economy

In addition to saving schools and companies money, a thriving recycling industry means more economic growth, more jobs, and more efficient use of resources:

  • Recycling properly creates valuable resources for U.S. manufacturing and can become a highly valuable export to countries such as China and India.

  • Recycling generates 7-10 more jobs than landfills and waste to energy plants.

  • Recycling is a $200 billion industry in the U.S.

​Recycle Across America’s standardized labels to date are the only non-profit solution that have been able to produce such amazing results. The economic benefits of the standardized label solution alone have inspired companies like Subaru of America, Kiehl’s of L’Oreal, and Sony Electronics to invest in this “no-brainer” money saver. Forward thinking leaders like the State of Rhode Island and the City of Winter Park in Florida are refusing to be left behind in old outdated methods of boosting recycling participation and cleaning up the recycling stream.

Good for the Planet, and People, Too!

Aside from the economic benefit, a thriving recycling industry obviously has tremendous environmental benefits. Recycling...

  • Conserves finite natural resources,

  • Reduces CO2 emissions,

  • Conserves fresh water up to 95%,

  • Prevents waste from going into oceans,

  • ​​Protects forests,

  • And significantly reduces the use of fossil fuel energy.

Last but not least, we have to mention how much we (the consumers) LOVE RECYCLING. It is the easiest way to feel that we are doing a service to our country by contributing to the economic and environmental successes of the recycling industry. However, one fact remains - if the public is confused when they approach the recycling bin, they will continue to: make mistakes, be apathetic and be skeptical about recycling - and therefore, contamination levels will continue to be high, recycling will continue to be economically crippled, recycling levels will not increase and environmental progress will be stalled.

If you’re not a part of the solution, you’re part of the confusion

To get more acquainted with the standardized label solution and what this could mean for your city, business, school, or state - check out our testimonials page and read our up-to-date press releases.

If you’re not a part of the solution, you’re part of the confusion. Contact us today to ensure your time and money invested in your recycling program isn’t going to waste.

Will 2017 be the year that you join the solution?

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