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"this is one of the top environmental fixes taking root today."

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The $200 billion recycling industry in the U.S. is in crisis.
In fact Waste Management Inc., the largest recycling hauler in the U.S., has already closed 10% of their recycling plants this year with more to follow.

The crisis can be easily resolved, but the U.S. needs to unite.
The problem is a direct result of the public's confusion, apathy and skepticism about recycling, which is leading to millions of tons of 'garbage' (aka contamination) being thrown into recycling bins everyday, crippling the economics of recycling and preventing manufacturers from being able to use the materials.

However, the problem isn't the public's fault; just look at how recycling has been presented to the public (image to the right).
Confusion = Skepticism = Garbage

Join the non-profit solution: displaying standardized labels on your recycling bins is the #1 way to help society recycle right.

Click for full story: WASTED The "untold" story of recycling.

The standardized labels work

Some of the most notable brands in the world are now using the standardized labels and reporting 50%-100% increases in their recycling levels and significant decreases in 'garbage' going into the recycling bins.

This deceivingly simple solution has been deemed a "systemically world changing solution" by Ashoka Global Innovators for the Public and is referred to by the NY Times
"... as one of the most important environmental fixes
taking root today."

There is a standardized label for nearly every sorting requirement in the U.S.

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Thank You
to one of the newest "Leaders for Progress"...

Whole Foods Markets North Atlantic Region Joins the Let's recycle right movement! Whole Foods begins using the standardized labels to help reduce global waste and waste in oceans and donates thousands of standardized labels to U.S. K-12 schools!

Click here to see the press release

We're starting to change the world. Care to join us?

The #1 has never looked so BIG

NEWS RELEASE: Recycle Across America is incredibly honored to be chosen as a non-profit partner of 1% for the Planet and recipient of 1% of revenues from environmentally proactive companies!

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simple solution. profound impact.

The standardized labels are the #1 solution that helps people recycle more and helps people recycle right! They are being used by some of the most notable organizations in the world and are dramatically increasing their recycling levels and saving them thousands of dollars in landfill fees. Watch the video!

various shapes and sizes

Because there are many styles of bins, we offer the standardized labels in various sizes and shapes.

You can also special order the standardized labels in unique sizes and printed on many types of materials such as aluminum signage, vinyl banners, foam core, PVC signage, and magnets.

The labels can be created for extreme weather conditions as well.

confusion = trash

Hundreds of thousands of different looking labels on recycling bins causes mistakes, apathy, and public skepticism about the importance of recycling. As a result, millions of pounds of 'garbage' are thrown in recycling bins everyday, often making the recyclables too costly to process and too contaminated for manufacturers to reuse.

what, where and how to recycle!

We are thrilled to partner with and share their national recycling resource to help you know what can be recycled and know where it can be recycled in your community. Whether it's old paint, car parts, batteries, toasters or a simple aluminum can, this database will show you where you can go to recycle it properly!

Use the widget to the right to enter your zip code and select the item you wish to recycle to find the nearest recycling center for that particular item. It's that easy!

Coco Eco Magazine

Welcome to the new world of high fashion. No longer is sustainable living squeezed into just a small section of a glamorous magazine. Coco Eco is literally rewriting the book of fashion and style and making sure that the beautiful environmental movement is not only front and center, but also cover to cover. We are incredibly grateful and honored to have the standardized label initiative and celebrity-led "Let's recycle right!" campaign and movement featured throughout their luscious magazine.

The Weather Channel

The standardized label solution was recently featured on The Weather Channel showing the impact of the standardized labels on the environment and climate change. Watch the video!

why recycle

Recycling is the #1 action we can do for the environment, the economy and our future on this planet. If we recycle more and more importantly recycle right, more companies will be able to start using recycled materials in their manufacturing vs. depleting limited natural resources. Recycling creates jobs, saves water, saves energy, saves money, and can even improve our health and the well-being of all species. Watch the video!

bad math on this amazing planet

The human population is growing exponentially and the resources needed for us to exist on this planet are quickly being depleted - which is bad math. This is why we must be better at collecting and reusing our materials. In the U.S. we generate more than 250 million tons of trash per day, but we have the ability to reuse 85%+ of those materials. It's critical that we recycle more and we recycle right, which is why the standardized labels are referred to by the NY Times as "one of the top environmental solutions taking root today."

out of sight. not out of mind.

Just because our waste magically disappears with a truck every week doesn't mean it doesn't exist anymore. We're fortunate to have a tidy system in the U.S. so that it all vanishes; or maybe we're not. Maybe we need to see just how much there is and how it's affecting us and the world around us, to become concerned enough to do something about it.

This is why the documentary "Trashed", created by international award winning filmmaker Candida Brady and Academy Award winning actor Jeremy Irons is a MUST SEE. Watch movie trailer here.

helping the next generation

One of the best places to help facilitate systemic change in the world is in K-12 schools. Young people are passionate about the planet and with the use of standardized labels on school bins, we are teaching the next generation to become lifelong proper recyclers.

Thanks to amazing corporate donors such as Kiehl's Since 1851, we have been able to donate hundreds of thousands of free standardized labels to public schools. Schools are reporting that because of these labels, they have doubled their recycling levels and in one school district, they are saving approximately $200,000 in landfill fees per year (net savings)! Watch the news video!

a partner for progress

We are tremendously grateful to Roger Moenks and i am eco warrior for their contributions to the "Let's recycle right!" campaign through Roger's celebrity photography and his organization's creative collaboration. Additionally we find i am eco warrior's overall commitment to sharing the stories of environmental leadership, progress and solutions for others to follow, invaluable! Because progress is contagioius and therefore the story of progress needs to be told.

a partner for progress

If you have a solution to make a dramatic difference in the world but you don't have a way to spread the word, how much can it solve? We are forever grateful to billboard leader Lamar Advertising who has donated millions of dollars worth of electronic billboard space across the U.S. to help advance the "Let's recycle right!" campaign! It's leaders such as Lamar who are creating a tipping point of progress. Can you feel it? We can.

a partner for progress

We're incredibly honored and excited when Niche Media told us that they would like to donate ad space in their fabulous magazines and websites to help advance the "Let's recycle right!" campaign. It's powerful when an environmental solution can have a place in one of the most influential regional lifestyle magazines in the U.S. Niche Media is placing environmental importance alongside brilliant style, celebrity news, trends and editorials ... and they distribute 19 million copies a year! Who says recycling can't be beautiful!!

Recycle Across America is grateful and honored to have the support of actor and GQ’s Ambassador of the year,

Peter Facinelli

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